Thanksgiving craft

on November 20, 2015 in weekly craft

For those of you living in America, next week is Thanksgiving. There are a lot of crafts out there only about the Thanksgiving turkey. This craft is a little different.


  • plain paper
  • ¬†crayons or markers
  • leftover yarn or thread in any color
  • glue for paper (gluesticks might not work)

Draw a really big picture of anything you like about Thanksgiving. An apple pie, or a turkey, or cornbread, or anything else you can think of. Color the picture however you want. Your pie (or whatever you chose to draw) can be blue or green or orange, if you like.

Put a placemat under your picture, so as not to mess up  your table. Use your glue to outline your picture. Place the leftover yarn over the outlines of the picture. Fill in the picture with the glue and yarn if you like.

The next step is very important. Let your picture dry for several hours or overnight.

May you have a lovely holiday. Keep reading. Keep dreaming.

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