Star Light, Faerie Light

Star Light, Faerie Light

Star Light, Faerie Light

The star unclenched his hand and threw flower petals at her. “I was perfectly happy in the sky! I had finally reached the point where I broke the cocoon and I was fighting other stars to gain mass! But, you, you had to knock me down!”

“I didn’t knock you down! If you really are a star…” she began.

He glared at her.

“To knock down a star, you have to send a faerie wish, wrapped in a faerie kiss,” Felicity paused for a moment. “In order to actually reach a star in the sky, the faerie wish must be sent by someone’s lifeforce, their life essence…”

“You didn’t send for me?” demanded the star.

“Do I look like I’m dying or dead?” she countered in an irritated tone.

“No,” grumbled the star. “Then who did send for me?”

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Coming in 2015… Star Light, Faerie Light, Book 2: The Pixie’s Revenge

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