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Everyone has a different vision when you say the word dragon. They capture our imagination. Some think of them as giant lizards, such as the komodo dragons of Australia. In popular culture, different regions have very different looking dragons. Long, skinny, short, fat, with or without wings and claws.

Dragons in the world of The Salem Academy for Young Sorcerers are very different than those in Star Light, Faerie Light. In the world of Star Light, Faerie Light, dragon scales are in jeweled tones and they all breathe fire. In The Salem Academy, dragons have different powers depending upon which part of the world they live in. Each dragon subspecies has been created from a corresponding draconic lizard in the world of The Salem Academy.

This is a great way to learn about different parts of the world. The dragons of The Salem Academy:

Red: Volcanic Ring dragons – breathe lava for the adults
Gray: National Forest dragons – create a sonic boom in the adults, the babies sound light thunder
White: Polar Ice dragons – the babies spout snow, the adults spout ice
(The school colors are red, gray, and white.)

Blue: Oceanic dragons – spout water, although Pacific and Atlantic Oceanic dragons are different shades of blue
Green: Australian Swamp dragon – spit acid
Orange: Plains dragons – breathe fire and wind
Black: Amazon Jungle dragons – spit poison
Brown: Desert dragons – spew smoke
Yellow: Rainforest dragons – exhale lightning

The next dragons were results of interbreeding. **Spoiler Alert! This information is in Books 6 & 8.**
Purple: Thunderstorm dragons – produce rain and thunder without lightning
Turquoise: Lightning Storm dragons – spew purple flames and brief rain showers
Bronze: Dry Thunderstorm dragons – produce thunder and lightning without rain
Rust: Dust dragons – spew dust and sand

What does your vision of a dragon look like? What can it do?

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