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November 5, 2015

What inspires you?

Colors inspire me today.

Before colors came out of the crayon box, or the colored pencils, the watercolor paints, the markers, the acrylic & chalk pastels – we began by bringing colors from nature.


Before winter settles in with its grays and browns – I challenge you to seek out the colors of autumn. The brilliant corals, rubies, and yellow golds of the changing leaves. The crisp green pine needles of the evergreen pine trees. The white and gray wispy clouds in the blue sky.


Gather up the colors like Frederick from Leo Lionni’s book. Imprint them in your mind. See if you can express them on paper.

Your colors can be wild and crazy, with blobs going every which way. Or, they can be methodical, with practiced lines, to form any kind of picture you want.

May the colors be with you.

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